Greatest classic book writers to read

Classic books always hold a prominent place in the book shelf of readers. Some among the books can be suggested as a must read books. Let’s see here some among the classic book writers and their books renowned across the globe.

Leo Tolstoy

We will first see about Leo Tolstoy who is renowned for his famous work Anna Karenina. Book specifies about the passion of a lady who was driven to tragedy in her life. Leo Tolstoy, born in Russia in the year 1828 was made to learn German and French from tutors.

From there, he went and joint for studies in Oriental language. After some years Tolstoy shifted his studies to law firm. As said about Leo Tolstoy with his works like Anna Karenena had grabbed the hearts of book lovers across the globe. Literature assignment writing help is a good decision for analysing this topic.

Jane Austen

Jane Austen was another classic book writer that can take you to another world of stories. Humourous stories of this classic book writer had grabbed many readers from all parts of the world. Emma is one among the works of Jane Austen.

This classic book shows us the story of a lady thrilled in the romantic affairs of neighbors. Apart from Emma, Jane hadSensibilityed the hearts of readers with her works like “Sense and sensibility” and “Pride and prejudice”. Both the above specified works describes the connection between romance and real life. Jane was actually born in England in the year 1775. Her works became famous and attained he peak level during 20th century.

Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens with popular works like Great Expectations was another classic writer that had attained a glorified position in fiction works. Great Expectations from Charles Dickens projects the story of an orphan boy named Pip. Charles stopped his formal schooling while he was 15 years. He then worked as an office boy and then as a reporter.

During childhood days, Charles had already worked for the upliftment of working class men. Apart from Great Expectations, Charles Dickens had also written works like ” A tale of two cities” and ” The Chimes.”

Ralph Ellison

Ralph Ellison is another name marked among the classic book writer in English Literature. Ralph as an American novelist had owned many awards including National award in the year 1953. He had won prize for his famous novel The Invisible Man.

Ralph had also published a collection of political and social essays during his golden years in life. “Shadow and act” and ” Going to territory” are some among the famous works of Ralph that had already won readers prime choice. Similar to National award, Ralph had also attained National medal of arts awards in thw year 1985.

Herman Melville

Herman Melville was a renowned American novelist listed in classic writers. Moby Dick or whale had already won a position in popular clsssic novels. Herman had already made his position as a well known novelist, story writer and poet. Herman was from a family with financial instability. He had worked as a teacher and banking man to earn money for his living. Typee_ Peep into polynesian life and Omoo are some among his famous works.

Best Writing Approaches and Process

What entails a well written and thought out manuscript? Writing is thinking, and it is a process. Before you arrive at your final draft, there is a procedure that every writer should follow to come up with a top notch article, essay or whatever kind of document you are in the process of writing.

This article will shed light on the steps and approaches you need to take to produce a quality end product before publishing.
The steps are as follows:

1. Pre-writing
2. Writing
3. Revision
4. Editing
5. Publishing


This is the first stage in writing. In this stage, you think about the topic you are writing about, consider your
audience and the intended purpose of your manuscript, before you even start drafting you should;
Brainstorm ideas
This is where you come up with ideas about the topic at hand.
Build on your idea
Now, the idea you came up with, expand it, and think beyond. I find it better to jot down a list of things you
could write on about your idea at this step.
Plan and structure
Put your ideas in a sequence such that you will be able to have a basic overview of what you are about to
write and what steps you will follow


This is the part where your first draft comes in. Don’t worry if your first draft comes up short because most
first drafts do.

This is where you put your thoughts on paper, combine your ideas, add sections, rethink and rewrite.
Evaluate your points and connect pieces. This is where you test your creativity and where the actual content
writing will take place.


This is a critical stage in writing as this is where your writing comes to life, at this stage, you can envision
what your final draft should look like.

Since writing takes time, in my opinion at this stage, you will need to give it more time than the other stages
as you need to shift your sentences and paragraphs around to see where they best fit to convey the
information in your document in the most accurate manner. You need to consider the following:

What to add
As you read through your paragraphs, you may find that you are falling short of some content and you need to add an item or two; this is done here.
You may find your paragraphs lack flow and may need switching up of paragraphs to make more sense to the
reader and make comprehension easier.
As you write, there is a lot of irrelevant or unwanted information that may get intertwined in your text thus you will have to get rid of them.
In this part, you are supposed to replace words that you may find are weak and replace them with more powerful words or put in words which give a deeper understanding to your text in the place of those that don’t. You may even replace whole sections at this step.


So, you’ve already come up with content, but that does not mean it is ready for publishing. You need to cross check your words, sentences and paragraphs.
It is imperative that you edit your document since you will come across grammatical errors that you did not see while drafting, check for spelling errors, capitalization at the start of sentences, capitalization of proper nouns, what tense you used, comma placement, use of apostrophes and many more.


With these above steps, before publishing you can also verify your writing by making an offer to quality essay writing service. Once you’ve read and re-read your manuscript and done the necessary changes to make it sparkle and you are comfortable and confident with your document, you may now share it with your target audience.

Ten Free Resources That Will Improve Your Writing Skills

Writing is an invaluable skill to possess. You can communicate your ideas with confidence and possibly make money. Therefore, this article recommends nine resources to help you improve your writing skills. While some are free, others require a fee. In addition, they offer options that take your text to another level.


Annual written conferences are held at the local and national level. Google writes conferences to see what is available. Even check your local library. For example, the main branch of the Cleveland Public Library organizes an annual conference for writers. The sessions cover a range of topics.

Participants participate for free. It is one of the most advanced resources and is really suitable for people who learn special jobs and style in English. It’s a great resource, but it still has the best features for the writers and the inexperienced. For example, you can do a thorough investigation of English concepts, but you can also read about the basic concepts of speech, writing, and the two interactions.

Grammatical session

If you want your broken grammar lessons in easy-to-use apps, this is your site. This site is good for people who know English and grammar text and need to improve and strengthen. If you have enough, this is where you can measure your skills to make sure you’re in the right way. You need to remember one or two concepts. This resource is also free and suitable for children and adults.

Research guide

If you are writing an essay and want to get extra points, this is your site. It has tips that show how to create different sections of your article. It helps you to write in the way the teachers prefer, as well as the records that usually pay.


Access to the writing course is now easier than ever thanks to technology. You can take the course online or in person. The goal, however, is to save the right one. That said, what area causes the most problems? The grammar? Sentence structure? Punctuation? Record what is most sensible, or you will feel frustrated and you will waste your time.


Contact your local college or university for more information about writing workshops. Often, a continuing education department offers special programs for the community. You do not have to be a student.


Visit the local library. You will find shelves with books on writing and they are free. When you find your favourite (those that were most useful), good writing is intentional. Writers have the tools on which they are based and use them.


This option is a no-brainer. As a library, bookstores have current writing resources. In the large bookstores, it is great to have reading corners. You can have a cup or a coffee or a cocktail, sit down and read for free.


Amazon is full of resources for writers of all ages and stages. Visit the website You have the guarantee that you will find something that meets your needs.


The Internet exposes you to a lot of good information. Google improves writing skills. You will discover articles that offer tips on how to write, worksheets, activities, inspirations and more.

Academic Assignment Writing – Top 5 Things You Should Know About It

Academic assignment writing offers a platform for students to showcase their knowledge, understanding, intelligence, and perception in a creative manner. Online assignment writing tests your knowledge and helps you in the consolidation of the facts or points that you have learned during your course. Students can display their academic flairs and original thinking through academic writing. To receive highest grades in their universities, students go all out for perfect assignment help service.

Writing assignments seems to be one of the most common academic tasks which serve multiple purposes in the academic institutions. They help students to produce an argument along with communicating the same to the readers. If you are new to academic writing, then this video will surely help you out:

Furthermore, here is a list of various purposes that are served by creating a brief and crisp assignment. These points also cover the aims of the universities behind making students write assignments:


Universities always want their students to grasp the most from the various courses and study material they provide. They take many steps to make sure that their students have understood all the concepts related to the courses perfectly. One of those steps is academic writing. They want to keep an eye on the ability of their students to use complex issues and difficult subjects or concepts.

Online assignment writing is necessary to keep a check on the level of understanding of the question and the response level of the student at the same time. Information can be gained by various sources but absorbing and reproducing that information is very important. The writing helps students in making coherent and balanced arguments.

Native Ideas

There are various services of online writing assignments available in the market. You can only make the most of them when you have original thinking and original ideas. Only then, can you produce an informative and intellectual assignment.

Taking known topics is not an issue as you can approach the same from a new and unique perspective which will enable you to make unique conclusions. Students can introduce new pieces of evidence in a different and intelligent manner by using references from numerous versatile sources.

Knowledge Of Facts

Original ideas and thinking will only be possible if a student has a strong knowledge of the various facts concerning the subject matter. Without a sound knowledge of their assignment topic and context, students won’t be able to form genuine arguments.

The tactics of implementation of theoretical concepts in practical scenarios should be known to them. Otherwise, they will end up forming arguments on the basis of hypothesis. So, in order to do online assignments effectively, knowledge of facts is a must.

Remarkable English

This is a must-have for all the students if they wish to create a perfect assignment. Knowledge of using proper English and expression of ideas in proper sentences is a basic requirement. Language is a medium through which assignments are understood and displayed and if that will not be accurate then your assignments will never be up to the mark.

There should be a smooth flow and logical connections in your sentences. Apart from this, flawless grammar and error-free English are among the necessary elements of good academic writing. You can go through the online assignments of native English speakers. By following this method, there will be no chances of getting low grades.

Learning From Errors

It’s not necessary that you will be able to write a perfect assignment in your first attempt. You should expect errors and improvements in your first draft. But, if you have faith in your efforts and writing then gradually, your writing will start getting better. You will then get more opportunities to improve your writing. Drafting and then redrafting after corrections is also very important. This will give a deeper and clearer understanding of the concept.

You don’t need to panic if you feel that your writing is getting worse as you go on. It is, in fact, getting better after redrafting. You just don’t have to give up. On getting negative thoughts, you can take a break, have a cup of tea or coffee and then get back to your assignment writing.

It’s a myth that academic writing is difficult and is not everybody’s cup of tea. It just needs focused efforts of students and strong belief of achieving the best. Students learn a lot from these assignments and keeping the above-mentioned things help them to be on track. So, keep learning and start doing your online assignment writing to achieve a successful career.

Most popular business writing types

In the business world, business writing is of very vital importance. For instance, every single business needs to have varying documents personalized depending on the business industrial focus.

Basically, different scenarios need different business forms of writing.

Below are 4 major forms of business writing that are mostly used by a business.

1. Instructional writing.

This type of writing ensures that readers are able to get the information needed in performing and completing a certain task.

Basically, this task can be either completed immediately or in future.

This type of documents must be broken down into processes and steps that are clearly understandable by the readers.

This types of writing should account area knowledge to the readers.


User manual – This is a guide that gives information to consumers on how to use certain products. This increases customer satisfaction and experience with that business products.

Specifications – This type of writing provides an outline of process or product for easier reconstruction or construction by knowledgeable but unfamiliar user for effective distribution.

Memo – This is a writing that gives new information on a business through short notifications. It includes information reference of how a certain task should be completed in future or even direct instructions.

2. Informational writings.

A business can keep records for information and future reference.

This documents can be very essential to businesses, therefore, this writings information should be consistently and accurately recorded.

Informational writings examples.

Report – reports are very vital writing which is very essential in every business.

Businesses use reports to communicate technical and business information, recording already completed tasks, recommendation and also provide information for making important business decisions.

Financials – Business documents that record a financial state of business for a specific period of time and can be used to determine the feasibility of the business.

Minutes – This includes meeting proceedings summaries of a business. Minutes entails discussions records and decisions.

3. Persuasive writing.

Persuasive writing in a business are mostly sales associated. It can be written directly focusing on a certain product or indirectly focusing development of a relationship with a client.

The major goal of this type of writing is to provide information that can convince and impress the readers.

Examples include.

Proposals – A business proposal outline products offer or service to certain potential clients. It contains project overview, competency, benefits, and costs of a certain project.

Sales emails – this is a business written an email by a business to its product or service consumer.

4. Transactional writing

A business form of writing that involves how Business communicates with their clients and consumers.

It also records general operations progress in a business. Also used in conveying human resources process information.

Emails: electronic mail is used by business to quickly and efficiently pass information to either their staffs or clients.

For perfect writing of business documents in a business, error-free and accurate information should be highly observed.

Top 10 mistakes to avoid in essay writing

While writing an essay you really want to change people’s minds and get them to believe in opinion or get them to have an opinion if they are on the fence. You will do this with many different supporting statements. If I said that children were easy to raise after you set a routine then I would include bedtime, chores, and homework. I would also talk about how they can help around the kitchen. I would not write too many opinions because it would leave the essay looking scattered. Let’s look at Top 10 mistakes to avoid in essay writing.

1.) Too Many Arguments

Make sure every argument supports your thesis. If it doesn’t it can leave your article looking scrambled and readers will not change their opinion. If it is a five paragraph article then you should just write three supporting statements.

2.) Plagiarism

You want to make original content. If you get caught for plagiarism it can really get you into either professional or educational trouble.You always need to site your sources. If you just put your thought into what you are writing and make it unique you should never face this problem.

3.) Failing to Following Directions

Do not be creative on your word count and write extra words. Many students think this will be an advantage but it is not. Your teacher may not even look at your paper if you do this. Save the time and just write the number of paragraphs and words that are stated in the directions.

4.) Listing Random Facts

You must write a strong thesis, and all statements must support that thesis. Your essay will not change people’s opinions if it has a weak thesis. Also never add filler information it will just confuse your reader. I would never say that the dad works long hours if I am writing about how easy parenting is.

5.) Including Too Much Information

If you write too much information you will end up writing weak statements. You need crisp clear information that supports your thesis. If I wrote that children cry it doesn’t say why they are crying or gives an incomplete statement. If I write children cry when they are frustrated it supports the thesis and you can make possible solutions from this statement.

6.) Use of Inappropriate language

Using the right language has a strong impact on the effectiveness of the article. Do not use jargon, emotional or strong language, statistics without citing a source, personal examples in a non-personal story.

7.) Do Not Repeat the Beginning at the End

Many writers use an altered version of the introduction to use as the conclusion. You should write separate introductions and conclusions so you offer maximum benefits to the person that is reading your article.

8.) Writing a Hard to Read Article

Do not write an article that is hard to read. Style guidelines do not mean to write badly worded, tough to understand articles. This means just the opposite you should write easy to read articles that can easily get your point across.

9.) Too Many Typos

When you are writing an article you need to proofread, and then proofread two more times. It helps you make sure there are no grammatical or spelling errors. You can even use an app like Grammarly that helps you with your grammar.

10.) Random Paragraphs

You need to link your paragraphs with great transitions. If I was writing a parenting article I would write about chores and then make a way into them getting tired and then go into the bedtime routine. You need a cohesive article to make an easily understandable article.


Do not make these Top 10 mistakes to avoid in essay writing. They are easy to follow if you pay attention to the styling, grammatical styles, and also follow these other tips. You will end up with an easy to read the article that will get people to consider your opinion on the topic.