Top 10 mistakes to avoid in essay writing

While writing an essay you really want to change people’s minds and get them to believe in opinion or get them to have an opinion if they are on the fence. You will do this with many different supporting statements. If I said that children were easy to raise after you set a routine then I would include bedtime, chores, and homework. I would also talk about how they can help around the kitchen. I would not write too many opinions because it would leave the essay looking scattered. Let’s look at Top 10 mistakes to avoid in essay writing.

1.) Too Many Arguments

Make sure every argument supports your thesis. If it doesn’t it can leave your article looking scrambled and readers will not change their opinion. If it is a five paragraph article then you should just write three supporting statements.

2.) Plagiarism

You want to make original content. If you get caught for plagiarism it can really get you into either professional or educational trouble.You always need to site your sources. If you just put your thought into what you are writing and make it unique you should never face this problem.

3.) Failing to Following Directions

Do not be creative on your word count and write extra words. Many students think this will be an advantage but it is not. Your teacher may not even look at your paper if you do this. Save the time and just write the number of paragraphs and words that are stated in the directions.

4.) Listing Random Facts

You must write a strong thesis, and all statements must support that thesis. Your essay will not change people’s opinions if it has a weak thesis. Also never add filler information it will just confuse your reader. I would never say that the dad works long hours if I am writing about how easy parenting is.

5.) Including Too Much Information

If you write too much information you will end up writing weak statements. You need crisp clear information that supports your thesis. If I wrote that children cry it doesn’t say why they are crying or gives an incomplete statement. If I write children cry when they are frustrated it supports the thesis and you can make possible solutions from this statement.

6.) Use of Inappropriate language

Using the right language has a strong impact on the effectiveness of the article. Do not use jargon, emotional or strong language, statistics without citing a source, personal examples in a non-personal story.

7.) Do Not Repeat the Beginning at the End

Many writers use an altered version of the introduction to use as the conclusion. You should write separate introductions and conclusions so you offer maximum benefits to the person that is reading your article.

8.) Writing a Hard to Read Article

Do not write an article that is hard to read. Style guidelines do not mean to write badly worded, tough to understand articles. This means just the opposite you should write easy to read articles that can easily get your point across.

9.) Too Many Typos

When you are writing an article you need to proofread, and then proofread two more times. It helps you make sure there are no grammatical or spelling errors. You can even use an app like Grammarly that helps you with your grammar.

10.) Random Paragraphs

You need to link your paragraphs with great transitions. If I was writing a parenting article I would write about chores and then make a way into them getting tired and then go into the bedtime routine. You need a cohesive article to make an easily understandable article.


Do not make these Top 10 mistakes to avoid in essay writing. They are easy to follow if you pay attention to the styling, grammatical styles, and also follow these other tips. You will end up with an easy to read the article that will get people to consider your opinion on the topic.

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