Best Writing Approaches and Process

What entails a well written and thought out manuscript? Writing is thinking, and it is a process. Before you arrive at your final draft, there is a procedure that every writer should follow to come up with a top notch article, essay or whatever kind of document you are in the process of writing.

This article will shed light on the steps and approaches you need to take to produce a quality end product before publishing.
The steps are as follows:

1. Pre-writing
2. Writing
3. Revision
4. Editing
5. Publishing


This is the first stage in writing. In this stage, you think about the topic you are writing about, consider your
audience and the intended purpose of your manuscript, before you even start drafting you should;
Brainstorm ideas
This is where you come up with ideas about the topic at hand.
Build on your idea
Now, the idea you came up with, expand it, and think beyond. I find it better to jot down a list of things you
could write on about your idea at this step.
Plan and structure
Put your ideas in a sequence such that you will be able to have a basic overview of what you are about to
write and what steps you will follow


This is the part where your first draft comes in. Don’t worry if your first draft comes up short because most
first drafts do.

This is where you put your thoughts on paper, combine your ideas, add sections, rethink and rewrite.
Evaluate your points and connect pieces. This is where you test your creativity and where the actual content
writing will take place.


This is a critical stage in writing as this is where your writing comes to life, at this stage, you can envision
what your final draft should look like.

Since writing takes time, in my opinion at this stage, you will need to give it more time than the other stages
as you need to shift your sentences and paragraphs around to see where they best fit to convey the
information in your document in the most accurate manner. You need to consider the following:

What to add
As you read through your paragraphs, you may find that you are falling short of some content and you need to add an item or two; this is done here.
You may find your paragraphs lack flow and may need switching up of paragraphs to make more sense to the
reader and make comprehension easier.
As you write, there is a lot of irrelevant or unwanted information that may get intertwined in your text thus you will have to get rid of them.
In this part, you are supposed to replace words that you may find are weak and replace them with more powerful words or put in words which give a deeper understanding to your text in the place of those that don’t. You may even replace whole sections at this step.


So, you’ve already come up with content, but that does not mean it is ready for publishing. You need to cross check your words, sentences and paragraphs.
It is imperative that you edit your document since you will come across grammatical errors that you did not see while drafting, check for spelling errors, capitalization at the start of sentences, capitalization of proper nouns, what tense you used, comma placement, use of apostrophes and many more.


With these above steps, before publishing you can also verify your writing by making an offer to quality essay writing service. Once you’ve read and re-read your manuscript and done the necessary changes to make it sparkle and you are comfortable and confident with your document, you may now share it with your target audience.