Greatest classic book writers to read

Classic books always hold a prominent place in the book shelf of readers. Some among the books can be suggested as a must read books. Let’s see here some among the classic book writers and their books renowned across the globe.

Leo Tolstoy

We will first see about Leo Tolstoy who is renowned for his famous work Anna Karenina. Book specifies about the passion of a lady who was driven to tragedy in her life. Leo Tolstoy, born in Russia in the year 1828 was made to learn German and French from tutors.

From there, he went and joint for studies in Oriental language. After some years Tolstoy shifted his studies to law firm. As said about Leo Tolstoy with his works like Anna Karenena had grabbed the hearts of book lovers across the globe. Literature assignment writing help is a good decision for analysing this topic.

Jane Austen

Jane Austen was another classic book writer that can take you to another world of stories. Humourous stories of this classic book writer had grabbed many readers from all parts of the world. Emma is one among the works of Jane Austen.

This classic book shows us the story of a lady thrilled in the romantic affairs of neighbors. Apart from Emma, Jane hadSensibilityed the hearts of readers with her works like “Sense and sensibility” and “Pride and prejudice”. Both the above specified works describes the connection between romance and real life. Jane was actually born in England in the year 1775. Her works became famous and attained he peak level during 20th century.

Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens with popular works like Great Expectations was another classic writer that had attained a glorified position in fiction works. Great Expectations from Charles Dickens projects the story of an orphan boy named Pip. Charles stopped his formal schooling while he was 15 years. He then worked as an office boy and then as a reporter.

During childhood days, Charles had already worked for the upliftment of working class men. Apart from Great Expectations, Charles Dickens had also written works like ” A tale of two cities” and ” The Chimes.”

Ralph Ellison

Ralph Ellison is another name marked among the classic book writer in English Literature. Ralph as an American novelist had owned many awards including National award in the year 1953. He had won prize for his famous novel The Invisible Man.

Ralph had also published a collection of political and social essays during his golden years in life. “Shadow and act” and ” Going to territory” are some among the famous works of Ralph that had already won readers prime choice. Similar to National award, Ralph had also attained National medal of arts awards in thw year 1985.

Herman Melville

Herman Melville was a renowned American novelist listed in classic writers. Moby Dick or whale had already won a position in popular clsssic novels. Herman had already made his position as a well known novelist, story writer and poet. Herman was from a family with financial instability. He had worked as a teacher and banking man to earn money for his living. Typee_ Peep into polynesian life and Omoo are some among his famous works.

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