Most popular business writing types

In the business world, business writing is of very vital importance. For instance, every single business needs to have varying documents personalized depending on the business industrial focus.

Basically, different scenarios need different business forms of writing.

Below are 4 major forms of business writing that are mostly used by a business.

1. Instructional writing.

This type of writing ensures that readers are able to get the information needed in performing and completing a certain task.

Basically, this task can be either completed immediately or in future.

This type of documents must be broken down into processes and steps that are clearly understandable by the readers.

This types of writing should account area knowledge to the readers.


User manual – This is a guide that gives information to consumers on how to use certain products. This increases customer satisfaction and experience with that business products.

Specifications – This type of writing provides an outline of process or product for easier reconstruction or construction by knowledgeable but unfamiliar user for effective distribution.

Memo – This is a writing that gives new information on a business through short notifications. It includes information reference of how a certain task should be completed in future or even direct instructions.

2. Informational writings.

A business can keep records for information and future reference.

This documents can be very essential to businesses, therefore, this writings information should be consistently and accurately recorded.

Informational writings examples.

Report – reports are very vital writing which is very essential in every business.

Businesses use reports to communicate technical and business information, recording already completed tasks, recommendation and also provide information for making important business decisions.

Financials – Business documents that record a financial state of business for a specific period of time and can be used to determine the feasibility of the business.

Minutes – This includes meeting proceedings summaries of a business. Minutes entails discussions records and decisions.

3. Persuasive writing.

Persuasive writing in a business are mostly sales associated. It can be written directly focusing on a certain product or indirectly focusing development of a relationship with a client.

The major goal of this type of writing is to provide information that can convince and impress the readers.

Examples include.

Proposals – A business proposal outline products offer or service to certain potential clients. It contains project overview, competency, benefits, and costs of a certain project.

Sales emails – this is a business written an email by a business to its product or service consumer.

4. Transactional writing

A business form of writing that involves how Business communicates with their clients and consumers.

It also records general operations progress in a business. Also used in conveying human resources process information.

Emails: electronic mail is used by business to quickly and efficiently pass information to either their staffs or clients.

For perfect writing of business documents in a business, error-free and accurate information should be highly observed.